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Our cancellation checker designed for learners to use directly.

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SpeedyTests for Driving Instructors

Driving test cancellation checker for students

Our ADI scheme is designed to find cancellations for students.

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Benefits of using SpeedyTests

What makes SpeedyTests different to our competition? Look at the benefits of using our service

  • Our services current success rate of offering clients earlier driving test slots is incredibly high.
  • Our number one priority, is customer satisfaction. We have made our user interface incredibly efficient and easy to use. Customers can do nearly everything from their dashboard, even give themselves a refund.
  • SpeedyTests support is here for you Monday - Friday if you need assistance or have any questions. We will support you as much as we can to secure you an earlier driving test!
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Who is SpeedyTests for?

Learners - Our service to learners aims to find driving test cancellations so that they can get an earlier driving test as soon as possible. Most learner drivers are at an age where they are either at school, college, university or work. Looking for an early test can be time consuming, stressful and in some cases simply not possible due to your schedule. This is the beauty of our service; you hand over the reigns to us.

ADIs and Driving schools - Our ADI Scheme is designed to give driving instructors and driving schools the opportunity to offer their students earlier driving test slots at their local test centre. Whatever the motive, whether it’s to give your company the edge on competition, to make a profit, get students off your books at a quicker rate or to simply give your students a help in hand – our ADI scheme can certainly deliver your desired goals.

Intensive Driving Schools - We supply our driving test scanner to intensive driving schools. Learners who want to take their lessons within a week or two, clearly want to pass their test quickly. Sometimes this isn't possible with the current waiting times. This is where we can help in getting your clients an earlier driving test – we give discounts for bulk orders. Get in touch.

Who do we get earlier tests for?

1 - Sign up

The first step is to sign up with SpeedyTests. We have three different packages for learners; these packages are our Standard, Premium and Deluxe packages. Read the packages and decide which package is best for you. For our ADI Scheme, there’s one package for all.

2 - Choose your preferences

The next step to using our service to find cancellations - is to choose your preferences (criteria). How quickly do you need an earlier driving test? Or do you need to postpone it? You choose the timeframe we search for you, we don't search by your current test booking date. You also choose what time of the day you’re able to take your test and whether you want us to auto-book or not.

3 - We'll send notifications

Now, it’s time for you to sit back, relax and live your life as normal. As soon as soon as we find a test which matches your criteria, we will text you with the details. If you don’t want to test, ignore the text. If you want it, reply ‘book’ within 15 minutes.

4 - Reply to book the test

Once we find you a suitable date and you reply, we will book your reserved date. You will then receive an email from the DVSA confirming this. You will no longer get texts from us. If you would like to search for alternative dates – log into your SpeedyTests account and switch your plan back on.

Steps for a earlier driving test

How do we find you driving test cancellations?

We use software which checks the DVSA booking system on behalf of our clients. When we find a test within the timeframe given, we will text the client. This text will include the date, time and test centre of the driving test. If the test works for the client, they simply reply to the message with 'book' and we will book the test for them. We can check every five minutes, ten minutes or every twenty minutes - It depends which package the learner decides to purchase, or which type of code is bought from our ADI Scheme. Regardless of the package, we will continue to search for cancellations whether you pass first time, or fail your driving test 100 times - for no extra fee. When you sign up with SpeedyTests, it's for life.

Speedytests software

Could we fail to find you a test?

Yes, unfortunately this could happen. The only people who can make any guarantees, is the DVSA. We are simply a rescheduling service. Basically, if a test comes available within your timeframe - because we check the booking system every five minutes, we will more than likely secure any cancellation which becomes available. Sometimes we will be unable to offer you a cancellation matching your criteria (approximately 5% of customers). This is purely because no tests have become available within the timeframe given. If this does happen, pupils should sign into their dashboard, a refund button will automatically appear, (if within 30 days of purchase and no previous error messages on account). Click it and you'll get a full refund. Alternatively, the pupil could amend their preferences and we can get back to work. We will rarely fail at the second time of asking.

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