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*You must have a test booked with
the DVSA before using our service.

driving test cancellations

An earlier test or your money back!

That's right, if we can't find you an earlier appointment, you get a refund. No questions asked.

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From only £16.99 - meaning if you have just one less driving lesson, you've made your money back.

Cancellation checker - we search for cancellations every 5 minutes

We search from 6am to 11:40pm

Our driving test finder can search on your chosen dates/times every 5 minutes. All day long.

Latest cancellations found by our system for our users!

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The benefits of our service

  • One time payment from only £16.99
  • If we don't find you an earlier test, you get a full refund
  • Don't have the time to look for driving test cancellations? Sit back and relax! We do everything from here.
  • If you fail, you can come back and use our service as many times as you like, at no extra cost.
  • Our software checks for practical driving test cancellations all day long.
  • We can notify you with new cancellation dates through text message
  • We can just go ahead and book the first cancellation within your requested dates and times. This is called 'Auto Booking'
  • You can choose up to three different test centres for us to monitor for you
  • Quick sign up process

How to get started

  • Book a practical driving test with the DVSA. This will also give you the opportunity to check if our service would be suitable for you. If there is a test date available which you would really like, there would be no need to use our service. You can find the DVSA website here.
    *We won't be able to look for or change driving test dates on your behalf if you haven't already booked one. We can only change driving test dates to take advantage of driving test cancellations.
  • Let us know what dates and times you would be willing to have your appointment changed to.
  • We check the DVSA booking system for cancellations from 6AM until 11:40PM, 7 days a week, looking for driving test cancellations which suit your desired dates and times. When we find one, we'll text you the details.
  • All you have to do is text the word 'BOOK' back to us if the date and time provided are acceptable. That slot will be reserved for you for at least 15 minutes, so you'll have plenty of time to look through your schedule.
  • If you decide that any particular driving test cancellation time isn't for you, just ignore the text. We'll send another when a new time becomes available.

How do we find driving test cancellations?

How do we do it? Like any great idea, giving people the opportunity to change driving test bookings to take advantage of last minute cancellations sounds simple at first, but making it work became very complicated indeed. Essentially, we use proprietary software that lets us check the DVSA booking system very frequently, so we become aware of any cancellation driving test within seconds. Now, any member of the public can search the DVSA's website for this information, but how many can spend a few 24 hour days refreshing the site all throughout the day, hoping to find that cancellation before someone else does? For some people, it simply isn't possible to spend their days searching for driving test cancellations in order to book your driving test sooner.

We can, and do check the database very frequently. All day, seven days each week actually. When a cancellation comes up, we reserve it for our client - that is - you. From your point of view, though, it really is quite simple. You just tell us when you'd prefer to take your test, and we start looking for cancellations. As soon as we find one we notify you, and if you want it, it's yours! You pay us, we book a driving test, and you've saved weeks or even months of waiting!

Features you can use

 Text back to book

If you select this feature, we will automatically text you when we find you a booking, which suits your requirements. If you can text back during your work hours, then this would be a sensible option for you.


Auto-Book replaces our text back to book feature. With this feature, we just go ahead and book the first available test within your preferences. This is for people who don't have the time to reply to our texts, or simply just want any driving test cancellation within their preferences as soon as possible.

 Day select

Everything about this feature is in the title, it's simple - If you only have time to do your test on Mondays and Thursdays, we will only look for practical driving tests, which are on Mondays and Thursdays.

 Auto refund

Our refunding system is very simple. You don't have to email us, call us or chase us with a baseball bat. Our robot, lets call him Jeff, automatically offers anyone a refund if we don't find them a test within the timeframe they give us. If you fit the criteria, a refund button will automatically pop up in your dashboard, click it and you'll be fully refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you in partnership with the DVSA?

No, we aren't. Our test rescheduling service is for those who don't have the time to check for cancellations, or simply don't want to. People who work for example! We don't have any special powers - we simply check for cancellations every 5 minutes. This is our job, when you sign up to our service, you are paying for the notifications we send you. If you want to try and find cancellations yourself, then go to the DVSA website.

We are always here to help

These days you can never ask too many questions, especially when you are paying for a service online! Here are some of the most common questions that customers and potential customers like yourself ask us. Remember, if you don't see all of your questions answered here, or if you think the answers might not apply to you, you can contact us any time.

Can I use your service if I already have a practical test booked?

Yes, definitely! And when we do get you into an earlier test slot, you won't even have to cancel your old appointment - that all gets taken care of automatically. Maybe it will go to someone else who is eager to take their driving test! Everybody wins!

What about if I haven't booked my practical driving test yet?

That's no problem at all. You will have to book a test now, though. We can change your driving test date, but we can't book an entirely new appointment on your behalf. We'll notify you every time a cancellation driving test comes up within your designated times, and you have the option of taking it or leaving it. We'll keep notifying you until the perfect opportunity comes along.

What if you can't find me any cancellation driving tests?

Well, that is unlikely, but I suppose it's possible. If you don't take any of the chances to change your driving test date, you just take your scheduled driving test normally.

How will you notify me about driving test cancellations?

When a cancellation is found, we will notify you via text (SMS) with the date and time of the new slot. That is the quickest way to get the notification to you as you only have 15 minutes to reply if you want us to change your test (if not using Auto-Book), if the test found is not suitable, simply ignore the text and we will keep searching. We will confirm successful bookings via text and email. (We do not WhatsApp, call or email about notifications and can only text one UK number per account).

Really, what are my odds of booking an earlier test?

Really, your odds are excellent. Especially if you are willing to accept cancellations on less popular times and dates. For example: If you can only take the test on a Monday after 5:30 pm, we might have a bit of trouble. Just try and be flexible, and you'll be able to book a driving test much sooner than you might expect.

Could I contact the DVSA to get driving test cancellations?

If you contact them by phone, their operators have the exact same internet access to the database that you do from home. They don't have the capability to continuously monitor cancellations for you, even if they were willing to. You might as well search the DVSA website yourself.

So, I could check for cancellations myself as they happen?

Well, you could certainly try. Frankly, I wouldn't fancy your odds, though. You'd need to spend an awful amount of time watching the website, ready to click the button before someone else did. You might literally have to spend days waiting online that way. It really is the kind of work computers should be doing - which is exactly what SpeedyTests uses.

You've stopped looking for test dates for me. Why is that?

Typically, we'll keep looking until we find you something. After all, that's the only way we get paid. If we have stopped looking, it is usually for one of these reasons:
  • The time for your original exam booking has passed - and presumably, you took the test at that time
  • The 'window' of dates and times you indicated we should search has passed
  • We discovered that a false or incorrect driving license or theory test number was used to sign up for the service
If it's none of those possibilities, please contact us right away, and we'll get everything worked out.

How does the SpeedyTests service actually work?

We use a state of the art software to check the DVSA for driving test cancellations. As soon as one is identified that fits the dates and times you have indicated to us, we text you about it or automatically book the first exam we see. If you want to change practical tests (the originally booked appointment), to this new time, just text back the word 'BOOK', and we'll change your appointment for the new time. Or pick a package which has 'Auto Booking' and we'll handle the whole process for you.

How long will the whole process take?

That can vary, but we estimate that we change 90% of our customer's exam dates within a week of starting the service. 60% get a new exam date within 2-3 days.

Can I change driving test dates more than once?

Yes. You are allowed a driving test change (by the DVSA) up to 6 times every time you take the test. If you need to change it a seventh time, you'll need to cancel the test entirely, and schedule an entirely new one. That one can be changed 6 times as well.

Could I simply cancel my driving exam?

Yes, you can cancel by going onto the DVSA website. However, if you do cancel, we won't be able to make a driving test change for a cancelled date. You will have to apply for a new test because we change driving test dates, we don't book them.

Can you schedule me a new cancellation if I fail?

You'll have to book a new test with the DVSA first. They require you to wait 10 days after a fail before you can book it. As soon as your new test is booked, we can go right back to checking for earlier appointments. Log back in, pick the times which are convenient for you and we'll find a new date, change driving test dates to an earlier appointment at your driving test centre again.

What do you need to take with you to your driving test?

  1. Your provisional driving licence
  2. Your theory pass certificate
  3. The correct vehicle for the test in question - whether that is a manual or automatic car.
  4. Confidence! Yes, if you're taking your test it's because your driving instructor feels you're ready. Relax, take a deep breathe - you can do this! Our blog also has some awesome tips for learner drivers too!

How much notice do you have to give to cancel a driving test?

To get a full refund of the fee paid to the DVSA for your driving test, you must cancel with at least three working days (including Saturdays) notice. If you fail to cancel your test by this point - you won't be eligible for a refund with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency.

How much is the practical driving test?

The practical driving test costs £62 on weekdays, throughout the day. Evening appointments (after 16:30) increase to £75. All weekend appointments also increase to £75. The fee for our service isn't included in these figures.

How long do you have to wait in between driving tests?

The least amount of days you can wait between two driving tests is 10 days. If you fail and need to retake a test, the booking system will only show driving tests and driving test cancellations no earlier than 10 days from the date of your previous test.