Failed driving test - What now?

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Did you know, you are less likely to fail your driving test on your second attempt, compared to your first attempt? 47% of students pass the second time, which is a pretty high figure. Here are some statistics on the pass rate for the number of attempts taken:

driving test fail statistics

Failing your driving test first time

Failing your driving test the first time can be an absolutely horrible experience. Months of training, hundreds if not thousands of pounds spent – to have failed (more than likely) because of a silly mistake, which you haven’t made in your lessons for months. Now, it could be worse, you could have failed your driving test 10 times? Ok, that probably didn’t make you feel any better. Instead, we are going explore the options you have to make sure you get a new test as soon as possible and most importantly – you pass it.

book driving test

Failed driving test rebook – When should I do this?

When to rebook your test after failing? Well, it’s circumstantial. If you were very close to passing or just made one catastrophic error – which unfortunately happened during the 40-minute test, then maybe you are already ready to go ahead and rebook your test as soon as possible.

How to rebook your driving test after a failing

rebook driving test

Go to the DVSA website and try to find a driving test as soon as possible, this may be tough as waiting times in some test centres can be nearly 4 months. If you can’t find a driving test, which is quite close – just book the closest one anyway. If you wait, it might backfire. Tomorrow, the date for the next test rebook might be even further away. After you have booked an appointment, check for earlier dates on the GOV.UK website. Although this could mean that you have to check all day long - how much do you want to be on the road?

But, I don’t have the time to keep looking?

failed test

If you don’t have the time to check for dates, we provide a specialised service in which we will search for tests on your behalf, every five minutes, 18 hours a day. If we don’t find you one, you get a full refund. If you are interested in this service, please click the button below.



How to pass your driving test the second time

Firstly, you need to identify why you failed your test. If it was ability – then you need to put more hours of practice in with your instructor. After you fail your driving test, the examiner should always give you the reasoning behind the fail. Discuss the reason for the fail with your instructor and make sure you improve in the area of weakness. Never think 'How many failed driving test appointments will I have to endure'. Go into your next test with positivity, otherwise, the 'failed driving test' negativity will maybe become a reality.

Top reasons for failing a driving test

  1. Observation – The most frequent reason for a driving test fail.
  2. Reverse Parking – A close number two, is reverse parking.
  3. Mirrors – I thought this would be #1. CHECK YOUR MIRRORS!
  4. Moving away unsafely – Not being in control of the car when moving away.
  5. Use of indicators – Not indicating when required
  6. Bad positioning – Being in the wrong lane for example.
  7. Reversing around a corner – I thought this would be higher.
  8. Turn in the road – also known as a three-point turn.
  9. Speed – Too fast/slow.

According to the DVSA

Failed driving test due to nerves - What can I do?

This is an extremely common cause. Quite tricky too - you can be the best student in your lessons, yet when it gets to the big day you struggle to keep your composure. I suggest learning breathing techniques, learning how to breathe properly in anxious situations can make the world of difference. Another option, if it would help, is to ask your instructor to sit in the back of the car whilst you take your test - this helps a lot of anxious students. If you really do think your nerves are making it impossible for you to pass - Your doctor will probably be able to help with this too. Whether it's medication or a talking therapy, evaluate your options with your doctor.

Want to get an earlier driving test?

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