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Interested in writing for our automotive blog? We are on the look out for talented automotive bloggers.

No experience needed. Just enthusiasm.

Benefits of writing an automotive guest post on our blog

  1. Traffic. Every bloggers dream, we get a huge amount of traffic. The more exposure you get, the more likely you are to be a success in the blogging world.

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  5. If you supply us with good content, we will always support you in future career development. Whether it be an automotive blogger, guest posting or even working for a company doing journalism. We would be happy to tell your future employer about the good experience we have had with you.

The rules of guest posting on our automotive blog you need you follow

You are more than welcome to express yourself when guest posting on our automotive blog. All we ask is that you comply with Google, Yahoo and Bing's guidelines. Any auto guest post in breach of these conditions will be axed on submission - we will always give you a reason as to why and allow you to make amendments. We have worked extremely hard to work with their guidelines to ensure our domain stays healthy and will continue to do so.

What if I don't know what these guidelines are?

Here is Googles guidelines.

You will see the majority of it will not apply to you. Things like making sure you use original content and avoiding spammy links for example, will though. Have a read of their guidelines here if you feel you need to learn the basics of the search engines rules.

How to apply and what we look for in an automotive writer

You can apply by clicking 'Apply Now'. You must send us a unique automotive article with a minimum of 300 words. The content must be unique, accurate and interesting to our readers. We look for enthusiastic bloggers with knowledge in the automotive industry. If you are new to the industry and aren't all that knowledgable on the subject, we expect you to deeply research the topics you write about. We are more than happy to help you in any way we can. We recommend all our bloggers to at least have basic knowledge in content SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The content on a webpage and how the content is structured, is a key factor in how well an automotive guest post, or any guest post will rank on the search engines. To be a successful blogger, your guest posts must rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo to accomplish your goal - more readers. This is a key skill you must learn in your journey to become a successful automotive blogger, this knowledge could make or break your career. For some extremely useful information on SEO content writing, you can read this interesting tutorial from Alternatively you can watch their youtube tutorial below.

Creating an awesome automotive guest post which the reader AND search engine will both love

Here is a video from Brian Dean, from Backlinko. We have added this video because we feel it gives aspiring bloggers invaluable information on how to succeed.

F YEAAH! I want to be a blogger!