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At the beginning of any driving test the examiner asks two of the “Show me, tell me” questions that form part of the driving examination. This test is not made up of two specific questions with two specific answers. It is made up of several possible questions each with their own required answer. At this point, you have been learning you practical skills intensively, but you should remember to not neglect the theory side, too. Incorrect answers are classified as minors.

The two questions are each one of a show me question and a tell me question. The show me question will be about demonstrating how a check is carried out, this is physically demonstrating the check. The tell me question will expect the driver to be able to tell the examiner now a check is done.

There are several questions that an examiner could possibly ask and while answering these questions incorrectly will not automatically fail the driver, they could lose a point on the test overall by failing this section. The show me tell me questions and answers are not particularly difficult and should have formed a part of the driving instruction that was received prior to booking for the test.

show me, tell me questions 2017

Here are a few examples of the Show Me Tell me questions and answers:

Q. Show me how to check that the brake lights on your car are working? A. Involve the examiner, ask them to get out of the vehicle while you turn on the ignition and activate the brake lights while depressing the brake pedal. You may also be able to observe the lights by observing them on a reflective wall or windows that are placed behind the vehicle.

Q. Show me how the power steering checked before starting on a journey? A. Switch on the ignition – but do not start the car. Turn the wheel a little to the left and then to the right ensuring that it is easy and there is no stiffness and no heavy resistance. Talk the examiner through this while you are doing it.

Q. Show me how you would use the windscreen wipers to wash the windscreen. A. turn on the ignition and demonstrate using the windscreen wiper controls.

Q. Show me how to check that the indicators are working. A. Switch on the hazard lights and get out of the vehicle. From a safe position on the pavement check that all four lights are flashing. If they are, you’re good to go.

Q. Show me how you would ensure that the horn works? A. Show the examiner that you know where the horn is and then depress it so that it is heard.

Tell me questions

Q. Tell me how you check the tyre pressure on your vehicle and would you know much air to put in the tyres?A. The correct tyre pressure information can be found in the car’s user manual. A tyre pressure gauge will tell you what the pressure is and a simple calculation will tell you how much it should increase by.

Q. Tell me how to check the tyres to ensure that they are safe for the road and that tread depth is the minimal legal requirement? A. tread depth is measured using a gauge specially made for this task. The tread should be no less than 1.6mm at its absolute minimum in the centre ¾ of the tyre. Furthermore, there should be no bulges or cuts to the body of the tyre.

Q. Tell me how you would check that the head restraint is in the correct position? A. Inform the examiner that the head restraint should be as close to back of the head as is practically comfortable. The rigid part of the restraint should equate with your eye level or possibly even the top of your ears.

Q. Open the bonnet. Identify where you would check the engine oil level and tell me how you would check that the engine has sufficient oil?A. Identify the dipstick and explain how you would first remove the dipstick, wipe it clear, followed by reinsertion. After which you would then withdraw the dipstick again and check the relevant level against the measurements on the dipstick.

How many show me, tell me questions could come up?

There are 19 questions in total and aside from the two questions that form part of the test at the beginning of the test, the examiner may choose to use other situation appropriate show me tell me driving test questions during the examination. These questions are changed from time to time and the above are part of the Show Me Tell Me questions 2017 in use. Using the methodology during the practical driving test questions that the Show Me tell me tests provide, it is easier for the examiner to be sure that the driver has a good grasp of the knowledge required to be licenced.

I have a disability. I think I'll struggle with the tell me, show me questions

There are several provisions made for drivers who suffer from a disability. If you have a disability of any kind you should declare this before you do the test. Under the equalities act you can expect some adjustments to be made to accommodate your disability. Situations where the Show me, tell me test may impact on a person with a disability include a deaf driver requiring someone to sign. Some people are perfectly capable of driving even when they have a mild learning disability such as being on the autistic spectrum. There are guidelines for examiners that are testing a person with a communication difficulty of any kind. Persons with dyslexia can be given additional time when asked to read a sign, or to identify a sign.

There are other situations that may also need a health declaration, such as if you’re pregnant.

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