Transportation speed? Transportation cost? Flexibility? Fuel Efficiency? Reliability? Let's take a look and find out which transportation type is best.

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Which Transportation Is Cheaper and Easier to Move Around? (UK Edition)

When it comes to moving from place to place, one needs the easiest, fastest and cheapest mode of transport. There are different types of vehicle transportation ranging from fastest to slowest and from most expensive to the cheapest. These are the major transportation categories in the UK;

1. Road transport: This is a mode of transportation carried out on dry land. The transportation vessels used are;

  • Cars
  • Busses
  • Taxis
  • Motorbikes
  • Trucks 
  • Motorcycles

2. Rail Transport: This mode of transport uses trains as the main transportation vessel. There are fuel engine trains and electric trains.

  • Trains

3. Water transport: This is a mode of transportation by water means. Vessels used in water transportation include;

  • Sub-marines
  • Ferries
  • Boats
  • Ships

4. Air Transport: This involves the movement of goods and services by air. Vessels used in air transportation include;

transport is;

  • Cargo planes
  • Passenger planes 
  • Jets
  • Helicopters

What Is the Factor to Consider When Choosing Vehicle Transportation in The UK? 

The major factors to consider when choosing the mode of transport are; the speed of transportation, reliability, and cost of transportation, as explained below. Additional factors included also. 

a) Transportation speed: The speed of a means of transport helps save time and reduces the expiry of urgently needed goods. For the movement of delicate goods, one should be used air transport as it is faster than any other form of transport.

b) Transportation cost: The cost of transportation of goods and services determines the customers' affordability. Always choose the most convenient method to save on capital.

c) Flexibility: Always choose a method of transportation that I am flexible in terms of distance, time, and transportation plans.

d) Fuel efficiency: Choose the mode of transport that is environmentally friendly. Fuel that emits less carbon helps on conserving the environment.

e) Reliability: Always choose a mode of transport that is reliable to prevent loss of both money and time

Arrangement Of Transportation Vehicles from The Cheapest to The Most Expensive?

The ranking of the modes of transport in terms of expenses from cheapest to most expensive is as follows;

I. Road transport: This is the cheapest mode of transport among other modes of transport. Because of this because vehicles are widely available. Also, the fuel is relatively cheaper compared to other forms of transport. Among the cheapest modes of road transport are motorbikes, taxis, and busses.

II. Rail transport. The second cheapest mode of transportation is via railway transport. The major factor for the lower cost of railway transport is that trains have a large carrying capacity. Electric trains also do not incur high expenses for the fuel.

III. Water transport. This mode of transport is relatively expensive compared to rail and road transport because ships oil is relatively expensive in the UK, however, is still not the most expensive.

IV. Air transport. Transport by air is the most means of transport in the world. The high price of plane oil causes this high cost. The major reason for high prices in air transport is that it is not readily available compared to other means of transport. This mode of transport uses transportation vessels like private planes, helicopters, and commercial planes.

Which Is the Quickest to The Slowest Mode of Transport?

One of the factors to consider when choosing a mode of transport is speed to enable one to save time and transportation of highly perishable goods and services. In the UK, the transportation modes are ranked from one with the highest speed to the slowest speed in order as follows;

I. Air transport: Air transport is the modern means of transport used in transporting passengers and cargo from one place to the other by use of aircraft. Air crafts are the vessels used in air transportation. The biggest reason why aircraft move fast is the design of the engine. 

II. Railway transportation: With the invention of electric trains, railway transportation has become the second-fastest mode of transport in the UK. Modern trains have powerful electric engines which facilitate the speed of the train. There are no delays since trains have only one one-stop station.

III. Road transport. The use of cars, taxis, buses, and motorbikes is a little slower due to traffic jams. Over speeding in the UK is also not allowed. No vehicle is allowed to exceed 80km/h.

IV. Sea transport: This is]the slowest means of transport. Ships are mostly used to transport cargo over long distances. In this case, speed is not a factor to consider. 


Road transport, railway transport, water transport and air transport all have their benefits and limitations but we now know that some are more impactful than others. For example, air transport is the quickest to get around in but is the most expensive whereas water transport is the slowest, yet it still costs more than road and railway transport. This floats the question of "why travel by water transportation?" and that answer is commonly answered as being more relaxing, casual and with better sceneries. 

Since Great Britain and Ireland are both islands, air and water transportation is very common compared to Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa where driving is most common.

We also know that road transport is the cheapest, but also second slowest of the four transportation types. People continue to get around this way because cars and other road vehicles are cheaper overall and do the job, regardless of how long it takes to reach your destinations. Road transport is definitely the best for short journeys but for longer ones, the other three options (rail, water and air) are on the menu. 

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