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Theory Test Practice Questions

For every Friday that comes around, there will be a series of theory test questions to examine your existing knowledge or perhaps find an answer to something you didn't already know. The categories that a question may be on are:

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Documents
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Incidents, Accidents & Emergencies
  • Motorway Rules
  • Types of Road Vehicles
  • Road Signs
  • Road Rules / Laws
  • Personal Safety and Vehicle Safety 
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Vehicle Loading

Any questions related to any of the above may be in this blog. 

Please Note: Answers are at the bottom of this page so make sure not to view them until finished. Either write your answers on a piece of paper or note them on an online document. 


  1. What does a "lollipop man/women" do and what should you do as a driver during the two scenarios?
  2. Why are drain covers so dangerous for motorcyclists on wet roads?
  3. What are some negative effects of drinking alcohol before starting your journey?
  4. What does the road sign with a blue background and a red 'x' crossing it mean? 
  5. Before turning right on a dual carriageway, what should you do?


  1. A lollipop man or woman is an employed individual who is tasked with helping young school children and children, in general, cross the road safely. To do this, they will hold up a pole with a circular sign to warn drivers of an upcoming crossing. They will typically block the road for additional safety. As a driver, you should stop when the individual is in the road or has the circular sign standing up. If there are no children and none of these warning signs, you can carry out with your journey without stopping.
  2. Drain covers are not always in line with the road surface, meaning it acts as a small hole which can be very dangerous for motorcyclists. On wet roads, they can cause the motorcyclist to slide and fall, causing potential injuries among damage costs. 
  3. Alcohol can influence a few things on your drive. One of those is poor judgement, which may cause you to optimistically judge an outcome of something potentially very dangerous. Another is limited cooperation with other drivers, which may result in an accident or road rage. A third is increased confidence. Increased confidence will make you feel like you can acheive whatever you feel is safe, even if it not. Again, this can lead to a serious accident.
  4. This road sign means "No Stopping". When you see this sign, you should not stop at all, when on this road. Keep your eyes on the road as you won't want to miss this road sign as you may be fined or worse. 
  5. You should check that the central reservation is wide enough for the width and length of your vehicle.


The topics covered this week were road rules/laws, vehicle handling, personal safety & vehicle safety, road signs and motorway rules.

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Theory Test Practice Questions

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