Theory Test Changes (Covid-19)

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Theory test centres have adapted to allow learners to social distance to stop the spread of coronavirus. Safety measures in test centres will include:

  • Workstations and chairs will be spaced out 2 metres apart.
  • Floor markings in place to keep everyone 2 metres apart.
  • Transparent screens at reception desks.
  • More cleaning throughout test centres in places such as workstations, computers and headphones, before every test.
  • Hand sanitiser provided throughout the centre, for you to use when you arrive, during your test and when you leave.
  • Staff will wear a protective face covering and gloves (unless they have a medical reason where they are unable to).
  • You have to attend the test centre alone.
  • Wearing a face covering for candidates is optional for theory tests, but please wear one if you can, unless you have a medical reason not to, for example, a respiratory condition. You will need to remove it for a moment so that staff can ID you for your test.

Do not come to your test if:

  • You or someone you live with has coronavirus symptoms.
  • The NHS has contacted you via the Test and Trace service to inform you that you have recently been in contact with someone who has coronavirus.
  • You have entered the UK in the last 14 days.

In this instance, you need to self-isolate at home and change your theory test on the day of your test. You are able to do this free of charge (the 3 days clear working day notice is not applicable if you are self-isolating).

Please note that the theory test will remain the same, changes planned for 14th of April 2020 are not going ahead for the time being. The DVSA will go ahead with the changes as soon as possible and will announce when the new changes will come into place.

More information can be found on the official Gov website here:

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