Road Trip Hacks: Ideas in A Bucket!

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Road trips are mostly the perfect way of travelling that can satisfy your adventure cravings for a much less price than you’d be willing to spend. I’m going to give you a bucket full of fun ideas that can amp up the experience of a road trip like anything for you, so let’s get started!

  1. Rules & Regulations!

Alright, I get it. Trips are all about fun and enjoyment, sure! But one mistake and the whole fun of trip can be spoiled. So make sure you have certain rules in place to facilitate a successful and fun trip! There’s no fun if one of you gets lost in the woods an attempt of being “adventurous” so safest bet is sticking a reminder to the car that everyone stays in one place wherever a stop is made for refreshments or whatever purpose.

  1. Don’t Let the Pet Get Bored

I learned this one the hard way, an irritated pet on a road trip can be much like a sick baby. They get cranky, act up and nag for attention. Get them something to hold on to as you drive for longer hours. Such as, you can their suck on toy with something like peanut butter. I prefer peanut butter because it is a much healthier option than the rest.

  1. Plan Win-win

Don’t opt for games that end up having a solo winner; it is obvious that some of us are good at certain games compared to others. So in order to avoid conflict, make sure you pick a fun game like scavenger hunt and if you’ve got kids, make a kids and adult team to prevent a fight. Nothing spoils a road trip like a bad mood!

  1. Stay Connected

While on road trips, it is good to stay away from the phone. Take a camera with you since photographing scenery is a must! However, refrain from using the phone too much. This should be turned into a rule, in fact. However, make sure to keep your GPS on and consider using a hotspot to keep all the devices intact.

  1. Maps and Sharpies

Your kids will love nothing more than the old-school maps and sharpies! Hit the stores and try to find the maps with latest roads and bridges on them to avoid any confusion. In case your service is down or the GPS is broke, this is what will serve you and get you out of the trouble. Get your kids to trace out the routes, and see how fun it becomes!

  1. Customised Playlists

Nothing will make your trip more fun and memorable than a set of DVDs that you’ve burned solely for the trip. Make your own playlist DVDs and make sure to keep the music that everyone loves. It should be upbeat and refreshing. In order to fully enjoy the experience consider getting good speakers for the car. You should also get your speakers checked when you send you car for tuning before the trip.

These are some of the ideas that can make your trip just so much more fun! Good luck.

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