The DVSA has extended MOT certificates for all vehicles for 6 months due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

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With MOTs being due for thousands of people in the following days/weeks/months and with the measures of a UK lockdown now in place as Monday evening and many garages choosing to close. Those with expiring MOT certificates have needed answers on what they should do with their vehicles as they need to use them on the roads for necessities. The public has been waiting for the DVSA in regards to MOTs for cars and motorcycles, with many asking for an extension until they are able to get their MOTs done. Many of us rely on our vehicles to do our grocery shopping and for travelling to and from work, avoiding public transport where possible to prevent further spread of coronavirus.

A decision was made on the 20th of March to suspend MOTs for up to three months for HGVs, i.e buses, lorries and trailers, by extending the MOT from its current due date automatically. Up until now, the DVSA has been advising that MOTs for cars, motorcycles and vans should be conducted, with no exemptions in place, although with many, not being able to get them done due to garages closing all across the country. It is important that our vehicles are road legal and safe, but with the potential spread of coronavirus through MOT exams and garages, it is important that non-essential contact with others, is kept to a minimum to reduce the risks of spreading the virus.

The DVSA has been reviewing MOT testing for cars, motorcycles and vans over the past few days and as of today (25th of March), they have reached the outcome that everyone was hoping for, to also extend MOT tests for the next six months for cars, motorcycles and vans.

This extension only applies to MOTs which expire on or after the 30th of March. The standard rules apply if your MOT expires before the 30th of March and you should get your vehicle tested and passed before you are able to drive it on the roads. You do not need to do anything to extend the expiry date of your MOT, the DVSA has done this for you automatically. Ie if your expiry date was on the 1st of May, your MOT will now be due 1st of November. But you are obliged to keep your vehicle road-worthy and safe otherwise you can be fined up to £2,500, get 3 penalty points and be banned from driving. If your vehicle needs repairing, you should take it to the nearest open garage, the Government is permitting them to be open during the lockdown.

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