Driving Test Waiting Times

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So, you feel you’re ready to take your driving test - after months and months of hard work you finally think the time has come. Now, at this point, you can probably parallel park in your sleep.

You go to your computer, turn it on and head to the DVSA website…

Suddenly, your enthusiasm turns into confusion and despair.

Why? Because you see the extremely long driving test waiting times.


‘WHAT THE ****?’

driving test waiting times

You aren’t alone. The frustration is nationwide. Some driving test centres are worse than others – but the majority of them still have waiting lists which are months long. Unfortunately, like any public service within the United Kingdom – The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) are clearly also struggling. Hence, the waiting times for driving tests being so lengthy.

Is there anything I can do to avoid the driving test waiting times?

Fortunately, there a few ways which could enable you to avoid the current driving test waiting times.

driving test waiting

Firstly, you need to establish which stage you are at. If you aren’t ready to take your test yet – you are in a very good position. You can book your test for a time you think you can be ready for. If current waiting times for driving tests are two months away, speak with your instructor so they make sure you are ready for this date. Having a target date can be very beneficial and eliminates stagnating, too.

I'm ready now... and I can't wait in the current driving test waiting times.

The only option you have left is to try and find a cancellation. Now, the DVSA do have an online booking system, which is regularly updated, if not live. So – you can check on their system as frequently as you would like. As long as you have the time to do so, if you’re persistent enough – you might be able to find a test which should spare you of the present driving test wait times.

  1. Firstly, book your test with the DVSA if you haven’t already.
  2. Now, navigate to the part of their website which allows you to find different dates. If you can’t find it, follow this link.
  3. Log into your account using your driving licence number and theory reference number.
  4. See what dates are available.
  5. Repeat this process, frequently.

The waiting times for driving tests are too long & I don't have time to check for new dates.

Ok, so now you are left with one option.

This is what SpeedyTests.co.uk specialise in actually. We can do the looking for you. We can check the booking system for new tests so you don't have too. No more enduring the extremely long driving test wait times. We can look on your behalf, every 5 minutes. All day. Every day.

It should be noted we can't guarantee that we will find anything, but the chances are high. Our aim is to make it so you don't have to wait in the current driving test waiting times.

Do you want to wait?

Why are the driving wait times so long?

The clip - courtesy of 1stDrive, manages to explain the reasoning behind the current waiting times very well.

  1. There is a HUGE shortage of driving examiners. There have been an awful lot of retirements of late. Although the DVSA are doing their best to recruit more examiners, but this hasn’t solved the issue, yet.
  2. The DVSA are struggling to find examiners with the relevant qualifications. There are many reasons for this; Instructors have to spend nearly 7 weeks away from home training to become qualified – in Milton Keynes. Which, as you can imagine isn’t ideal for those considering the career change, this can put a lot of driving instructors off.
  3. The population is increasing. With the population increasing, Test Centres and Examiner recruitment need to match this growth, but unfortunately, this isn’t happening.
  4. The recession. In 2008, the recession hit. We continued to stay in recession for 16 months – thankfully, we came out of recession in the third quarter of 2009. But, this doesn’t mean everything goes back to normal. Since 2009, public services have been cut drastically – year on year. I’m sure the majority of readers will have noticed how long it currently takes to see your doctor, how the NHS and local councils are all struggling. The DVSA are in the same position. Hence the struggle to employ Examiners for example.

Want to get an earlier driving test?

Find Test Cancellations

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