Driving Instructors and Coronavirus Impact

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Driving instructors all around the country have been eagerly waiting for the Government to make an announcement with what the driving test suspension and lockdown means for them as self-employed workers. The Government has made the announcement today (26th March) that self-employed workers will receive 80% of pay based on their average income over the past 3 years, in form of a grant (£2,500 per month), that would be paid in a single lump sum, which could take up until June to arrive.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic (COVID-19) has affected all of us in some way. The DVSA announced on Wednesday 18th, that driving tests on the 19th and 20th of March were cancelled. This meant that a lot of learners and their driving instructors were left in the dark in regards to any future test cancellations, as a decision for theory tests was made (cancelled for a month). On the evening of March 20th, the DVSA made a decision and announced that they will be suspending all driving tests (including ADI standards checks) for up to 3 months and rescheduling those who had their test cancelled, which now means a lot of tests are going to be taken in the summer if the rescheduled dates go ahead and are not further postponed.

Most driving instructors are self-employed and rely solely on driving lessons and tests to make a living. As the UK has entered lockdown from Monday 23rd March, all non-essential work has had to stop. NASP (National Associations Strategic Partnership) has requested all driving instructors to stop delivering driving lessons until the end of April, with exceptions of teaching key workers who meet the criteria to be able to take their driving test during the suspension.

To book an emergency test if you are a critical worker, you need to email the DVSA with your request.

Email for theory tests: [email protected] 

Email for driving tests: [email protected]

With the Government constantly reviewing policies and making changes, this may not be all for the self-employed. We will keep updating our blog to give you the latest information on the topic.


The SpeedyTests team.

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