Do you need snow tyres?

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Well, a common misconception is that snow tyres are only for when it actually snows, in reality, snow tyres are specifically designed for when average ambient temperatures drop to below 7 degrees celsius - which is why you may have noticed that snow tyres are being rebranded as Winter Tyres as this is perhaps a more accurate description.

Snow/Winter tyres are designed to give you better grip and control in cold, snowy, icy or even dry conditions. They are made using different materials, tread patterns and rubber blocks that encourage vibration to give you better traction and control when you need it, in winter conditions.

There is no law in the UK like other northern European countries which force you to use winter tyres, however, it is recommended as it makes your journeys safer. So in answer to the question, Do I need snow tyres? It is not a necessity during winter but it is certainly recommended.

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