Stickers VS Paint Job: Which do you prefer?

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Car Customisation - Stickers or Paint Job?

Many car owners want to customise their vehicle for the road and they can do this, but what are the positives and negatives? The car can hit the road in style, adding a little personality to the vehicle without having to say a single word, since the car does it for you. Once you drive into the paint shop, you will be asked what you want to be done with your vehicle so it's important to have it all planned out beforehand. Obviously, you want your vehicle to be as nicely and detailed to you as possible so bringing a weak plan may also result in a weak finish. Just prepare for it to take quite some time, especially a very detailed job. 

How Much Does The Average Sticker And Paint Job Cost?

The difference between a car sticker and a paint job is quite wide. As you know, stickers can be purchased from a general store for sometimes less than a pound. If you want actual car stickers, however, then it may cost in the low hundreds. For a detailed, but average paint job, you would be looking at around £1,000 to £15,000. You may be thinking that this range is huge, but that's the paint job industry. If you want a simple colour change, then expect to pay the lower-end figure but for a TV/game character or a specific creation, expect to pay a lot more. Designs made by yourself will be very costly. 

Which Looks Better?

Many people will likely agree that a paint job is nicer looking as it adds an extra coating, whereas stickers are plainer and can be added by the average "knower". Paint jobs can make a car look slick and cooler when on the road. Also, you could sell it for a higher price if you didn't want it anymore, as there's added value already attached. 

Typically, sticker people would have chosen that option as they don't have the available funds yet. 

Stickers can still look nice if the owner picks a strong option as it can help reflect their character without needing to spend thousands of pounds. Stickers can still impress many people, and influence them into following a similar path to you. Cheaper stickers may fall off easily to make sure that a specialist can properly attach the sticker.


To conclude, the owner (you) has the final say in what you want. Stickers and paint jobs both have their benefits, but also their cons. Whichever you choose, it can say a lot about you as a person, without you needing to speak which can be a great thing. Stickers are cheaper but less appealing and paint jobs are expensive but very appealing so the choice lies with you. Which do you prefer?

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