What's legal and what's not? Driveway parking is a great way to stop and go.

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Is it possible to park on a strangers' driveway?

Parking on a strangers' driveway is quite rare in the UK however, it can still happen. A strangers' driveway is a part of the property that the owner maintains control over. Because of this rule, they're in charge of who and who doesn't park in this space. Think of it as they've purchased the land and you haven't therefore, they have all the power. 

Different driveway owners have different rules. Some are nice enough to allow strangers to park in their driveway but others do not. Whether the driver parks in a strangers' driveway for free or for a fee is something else. 

Can You Park On A Stranger's Driveway?

This question is surprisingly more popular than you may think. If you're the owner of a house that is close to a large venue or event, then there may be a lack of parking, meaning people may go door to door asking if they can use your driveway in exchange for money. For example, a big game of football can bring thousands upon thousands of home and away fans, but there aren't this many parking spaces to accommodate, meaning driveways will end up being used legally and illegally. 

To legally park in a strangers' driveway, you will need to ask them for their permission. This can be done in person or online via an app or form of social media. Occasionally, you will be designated a specific period of time (for example 6-9 pm) otherwise you get overcharged or spoken to by the police for breaking the time limits. 

As an additional pointer, you must also not block the driveway of the home owner in case they need to get out. 

What Will Happen If I Park On Their Driveway Without Permission?

Parking on someone's driveway without their permission is against the law and will result in penalties. Parking without permission will count as "trespassing on private land" which can get your car clamped or towed away, with you needing to pay a fee to get it back. 

Be respectful and ask for permission before using someone else's driveway. Having your vehicle clamped, towed and you getting a fine is avoidable. 


Whether you park in someone's driveway by talking to them in person on arranging it online, it's legal. Not doing any of these is illegal and will result in your vehicle getting either clamped or towed in most cases. If this happens, you will need to pay a fee to get your vehicle returned. Don't block other cars in and be respectful. You must also get off the driveway before your time is up otherwise you're overstaying your visit and can result in the above.

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