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Can you go straight into a driving job after passing your test?

Many people tend to have false notions about driving cars in the UK. Most believe that you can go straight to it once you are done with the training sessions and pass your test. But can you? This article will make you understand if you can and, if not, when and why?

Can you get a driving job straight after passing?

You become a fully qualified driver after completing and passing your driving tests (practical and theory). You will then be given a pass certificate by your examiner. After that, you'll be asked if you'll want your driving licence to be sent automatically to you, which will come in handy after providing your provisional driving licence. This will then be upgraded to a full driving licence. After that, you'll be good to go but under some conditions, for example, adequate car insurance. Car taxation and insurance are the main basics.


Immediately after the test, the 'hiring team' (those you met in the process) convene at one point to discuss your candidacy. On top of that, you will need an entitlement to work in the UK. You should also have passed a check n background and a criminal record, which includes and is not limited to a reviewed driver's licence. A job with Amazon (driving) is possible, but not guaranteed. 


You must pass the test to drive an Uber. You will, however, not be employed almost immediately. You must have at least three years of experience and driving history that is very clear and clean application is done online then you'll get your licence. After that, you'll upload your documents and finally be given a vehicle.

Mail Couriers

Some mail couriers such as RM may take you on after passing your test but as time goes on, this seems to be more tricky due to other laws and requirements. Handling a larger vehicle (postal van) along with confidential letters and contents means that you has a larger responsibility than that of an uber. RM offers a 13 month programme where they teach you to drive themselves and to qualify, you would need to have a full valid driving licence like anywhere else.

Driving instructor

You can become a driving instructor in the UK after passing the test. But first, you will have to register with DVSA within the first 12 months after the test. After that, after you've been awarded your certificate, you'll now have the opportunity of charging fees for lessons. Better still, you can decide to join a driving school. However, you'll need to have attained 21 years with 3 years of experience in driving. A valid UK driving licence is another added advantage. A criminal record greatly hinders you from this.

It is with no doubt that you can drive your car right from the training center after passing your test. This also gives you the ability to drive your car on any road in the UK. Your licence will be issued after three weeks, but this shouldn't top you from driving. You can always explain yourself to the authorities in cases of issues with the licence. Whenever there's a delay for more than 3 weeks, contact DVLA. Changes to licence received should be done within the first two years of passing the test, failure to which you might repeat the test.

To be eligible to expand your options, you should/should've learned to drive in a manual so that you can still drive an automatic, and therefore teach it too.


Most jobs which include the need for driving always requires a full and valid UK driving licence which can be obtained by simply passing your theory and practical tests. For some roles, this is all you need, such as Uber, but for others, you will need to have been driving some quite some time already, which shows that you're comfortable on the road and know how to be safe. 

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