Are you allowed to cross your arms in a driving test?

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Yes, you are allowed to cross your arms. You could cross your arms so long as you're not doing it excessively and you have complete control of the car. Nonetheless, driving instructors often discourage crossing arms while driving, especially if you are a beginner driver and are still learning how to control the vehicle.

Crossing your arms while driving raises safety concerns like, in case you run into a pothole, you may lose control and cause an accident. Plus, it is impossible to totally turn the steering while your arms are crossed. This becomes dangerous in the event of an emergency and you need to quickly apply extra steering.

Could you fail a driving test because you are crossing your arms?

If you are not losing control of your steering wheel or crossing your arms too much, but rather, you are in full control and handling the car safely, crossing your arms shall not cause you to fail a driving test. However, the best practice is to position your arms in the standard 10 to 2 posture throughout the test.

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